Welcome to RecentFeed.com – a technology-focused web portal launched in early 2023.

RecentFeed.com is an idea of 2 close software engineering buddies who always ran into issues while using some social media apps and a couple of online web apps which they didn’t find quick solutions even after surfing the internet for a couple of minutes.

Our mission on this website is to help you (the reader) find detailed solutions to errors you might encounter while using online AI-focused web apps like ChatGPT and other social media apps including Reddit, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram amongst others.

So whether you’re a tech novice, intermediate user, or even an expert in the tech space, we believe that our detailed tutorials should be your last stop if you’re ever looking to solve an issue encountered while using any of the popular software and social media apps.

Our commitment is to empower users of all levels with the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of modern digital tools.

Meet The Team:

1) Matthias Richter – Chief Editor and Tech Enthusiast

Matthias is the driving force behind RecentFeed.com. With a deep-rooted passion for technology and an interest in helping find solutions to tech-related issues, he ensures that each piece of content uploaded on this website resonates with our readers and solves the issue or problem it exists to solve.

Armed with a degree in computer science, nearly a decade of a career in software engineering, and a whole lot of experience in the AI space, Matt’s goal on this website is quite simple – helping our users get into Artificial intelligence easily.

On this website, you will find tutorials and guides from Matt aimed at helping users fix different errors and other issues they may encounter while getting started with various web apps in the AI space.

2) Alex Sisk – Editor

Alex, just like Matthias, is also a software engineer by the day and a social media addict when he’s done with work for the day.

He’s one of the co-founders of this website and here, he mostly focuses on creating guides and tutorials detailing how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media apps and more.

From Facebook to Instagram, Discord, Twitter (Now X), Reddit, and more, Alex writes guides on how to solve various errors and issues encountered while using any of these apps and since he’s also a social media junkie, you can be sure that his tutorials are top notch.

At RecentFeed.com, we are not just a team of 2 software engineering buddies (alongside a couple of other freelancers) but a community united by our passion for the ever-changing technology space.

Our collective goal for this website is to create guides, and tutorials to help explain some of the complex tech jargon in simple terms while also helping to solve errors you may encounter while exploring these popular apps in the online space.

So whether you’re looking to troubleshoot a software hiccup, master a new app, or simply stay informed about the latest tech trends, we’ve got you covered.

Have you got some tips for us? Or maybe you just generally want to reach out to the management of this website, do well to use our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Cheers!